Vǫlundarhús ~ The Lost Keys, Continued

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Vǫlundarhús ~ The Lost Keys

A tale is told that when the End comes, the ages will be reborn, the people reshaped, the land renewed. The old gods will die and their seed planted to grow from the hearts that will be.

Yet still, from the quiet spaces between will rise those that hold space, observe time, and serve the cycle as they ever must. And where  there are spaces between, there must be Doors. To every Door, there must be a Key.

Some have said these Keys were lost by the Stewards, outside of time, and this loss is the great failure that is whispered of in dark corners, secrets that should long ago have been eaten but are indigestible. Others, who measure their days in steps of faith and hope, believe that the Stewards tossed away the Keys to save the Queen. Only fools claim to have dreams that the Keys were gifts of the Moirai, spun of fossilized silk from the vault of worlds. Because they are fools, everyone listens to them.
Whatever the source of the keys, their story remains the same: they are twists of fate that, if used in the right door in the Lost Continent, allow one to step into the Space Between and bypass the end of times–for a price that is known and a price that is not known.
It is easy enough to find a key; the Wyrd Sisters can sell you one at a price that is known. The door belonging to each key, however, is another matter. Doors define spaces- we must surmise that doors of spaces between need not be wooden or iron, but of moments of transition, comprised of winter and spring, water and fire, stones and dust, between words or hearts or ideas or hopes or fears or prayers or poetry or loss –each Key sings for a certain Door.

It is said that when the Key finds its holder close to its Door, a stunning chord shall resolve within one’s heart and the passage made clear.

It is then that the second price shall be asked.

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(More to be found in the second Compendium. Coming soon.)

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