Found Things, Book Two of the Floating City and Night Carnival Series

We are excited to offer Found Things, the second book of the Floating City and Night Carnival series, published by Vegetarian Alcoholic Press. Pre-order yours now! These must-have companions bring the story of The Night Carnival to life.

“In Found Things, the second issue in a web of puzzles concerning the missing history of the Floating City, we find pieces of the City’s hidden past as well as present day found letters, bringing us further into a labyrinth of conundrums and clues, real and imagined. Who was the Queen who lived 1,000 years ago? Who are the specters who live in the City? Is there a coming war between the City and the Lost Continent? What will the people do?”

Purchase both books as a bundle with a discount using the code BONEQUEEN at checkout.

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