The Sisters of the Eclipse

Dear ones,
We are thrilled to announce that The Sisters of the Eclipse will once more be joining us at the Night Carnival. The Sisters of the Eclipse is a Midwest based female fire group founded by Sasha D’light and Cynder Soleil in central Iowa, originally, for the Night Carnival. Both performers carry upwards of 7 years of experience spinning fire and performing across Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, and more. The group specializes in partner or group acts and have started delving into teaching flow arts, especially to children. This year they’re excited to be adding another member, Allura Fette, who is an award-winning performer based out of St Louis, Missouri. Allura Fette is a performance artist with a flair for nerdiness and geekdom mixed with a dark and sultry edge. Known for her charismatic stage presence and stunning musicality, she has been strutting, shimmying, and burning her way across St. Louis stages and beyond since 2009, displaying her unique blend of burlesque, belly dance, fire, flow arts, and fetish for captivated audiences. Check her out at!


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