Parlour of Revelation

Featuring Live Painting by Brian Nau

Temple of Condition

You are connected to everything in your life. At the Alter of the Instruments of Creation and the Instruments of Destruction, you may choose to strengthen or diminish those connections as the Stewards, an ancient order, tend to the Between.

The Lyceum

     A University in the Floating City, at the Night Carnival, the Lyceum showcases the artistic, literary and creative endeavors of our host city, Milwaukee.
     Vegetarian Alcoholic Press, a small press and publisher of wonderous words, including the Carnival’s own Chronicles of the Floating CIty and the Night Carnival. Peruse and purchase books from writers both local and far flung.
     Truu Art, whose goal is to maximize the influence local networks of positive, passionate, inner-city contributors has to harbor an uplifting environment. This effort to cross-promote will create a platform where frustrated artists’ can express themselves freely as we assist them with launching a thriving career in the creative industry. Alex, the Founder, will be present, working on a painting and engaging with guests.
Deeplight LARP is medieval fantasy LARP in Milwaukee, WI utilizing the Grimoire fantasy LARP system, and hosting a special Night Carnival campaign. There has been an opening in a porthole between our world and theirs. Now, researchers have come from various countries in the Deeplight world, and are seeking to close the porthole. Can you help them? Visit the Lyceum and discover the side quest these brave adventurers are pursuing at this evening’s festivities. Inquire about their annual LARP Bowl.
The Reflecting Pool

Visit the Sister in the Hallway of Secrets, alongside the Sineater and Allegash the Painter of Fear.

Parlour of Manifestation

The Parlour of Manifestation is a community art project within the Night Carnival. Guests are invited to take up a can of spray paint and add their creativity to the 9 x 12 foot canvas! Hosted by Erin Claire Creations.

The Night Carnival 2018