Gentle Friends, we are running a special campaign to raise money to help fund our main stage performers this year.

Because we do not charge admission to attend our events, we operate entirely on volunteer labor and the generosity of our community. Help us continue our mission to make beautiful, magical experiences accessible to all people.

We’re offering a ongoing donation tier opportunities which will allow you clues to solve the next set of mysteries, arriving January 19th.

Now through September 22nd, we are launching a special Pay Our Stage Performers Campaign.
Donate to ensure the ability of these full-time artists to grace our main stage.

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Volume 1: The Compendium
Volume 2: Found Things
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Teatro di Affetto (Theater of Affection) is a collaborative dedicated to facilitating connection with strangers in surreal, fantastical ways. We have built a world. You are invited to join us.

We bring you: The Night Carnival. Emerging from the Floating City, a menagerie of clockwork beasts gain sentience, alchemists and time-shifting mystics practice their arts, and bewildering future creatures make their lives. The Night Carnival, based on a collaborative work of fiction published by Vegetarian Alcoholic Press, brings to life an interactive setting which invites attendees to join the players in an otherworldly experience.

Night Carnival vendors each make a donation to the Milwaukee, WI IWW after each event, helping to fund working class support in our city.

At Teatro di Affetto, we believe that beautiful things should be accessible, and that all people deserve opportunities to share in wonderful experiences. We do not charge admission to attend The Night Carnival. Because of this, your donations help us to support the dancers and musicians who perform on our main stage, as well as purchase supplies for set builds and outreach.


Teatro di Affetto enters it’s second year! We are a roving, non-profit (we are working toward our 501(c)3 status) theater troupe based in Milwaukee, WI. We have had several highly successful events, including the Night Carnival in September of 2017.

All proceeds, as well as 20% of vendor sales, go to the Milwaukee IWW General Defense Committee

Though we are currently working toward attaining our 501(c)3 Tax Exempt status, we still need your support.


Teatro di Affetto Thanks You for Your Support