Visions of the Sineater

You have had fever dreams for the past three nights. Distant, cavernous images that carry impending weight. You have had little sleep, and your days have passed in a half-waking haze. You feel powerless, haunted. The world around you able to slip into all your sanctuaries.

You take a walk. The air is humid, and your breathing is heavy. You walk for hours.

Your head hangs, your eyes on the concrete of the sidewalk. There is a faint sound and you look up. Immediately in front of you, there is a Carnival.

Your feet brought you here.

You enter through the Archway into a bustle of activity, and there is a direction of movement around the tents and performers. Your feet take you the opposite direction. You do not see the living statues, the clockworks, the lemurs. After some time, you stand before a large tent. There is a sign: The Hallway of Secrets.

You enter. You hear music and there is a large, black wall. There are secrets written on it. You read them, many feeling familiar. You hear a whisper: I am the Sineater. You turn to look, and she is standing next to a large, locked chest. You hear: You may write your secret. On the wall, or to be put into my chest.

You add your fears to the myriad of secrets already shared, hidden within the Sineater’s chest. You are suddenly aware of your surroundings. In this space, the horrors of the world do not seep in, but are mingled with others, the burdens held in sanctuary, here in this Night Carnival.

The Sister is on her second pilgrimage in her journey to spread love and help heal the pain of those in need. If existential isolation or emotional baggage are weighing you down, stop by the Sister to unburden yourself, and view your beauty from the eye of a beholder in the form of your aura, stamped and painted on you by the Sister.