2017’s Night Carnival was a mind-blowing success. Come find us again this year!!!

Abandon All Reason, Ye Who Enter

Lose yourself in an interactive theater experience unlike any Milwaukee has ever seen. Be dazzled by fire dancers, belly dancers, puppeteers, and an abundance of performers. Come, witness the magic cello act. Peruse a bazaar filled with merchants carrying mystical wonders from the Floating City. See an oracle for sage advice. Solve the scavenger hunt. Perhaps you will even meet the ghost of the Queen, currently traversing among the Carnival proper.

Witness- A Timekeeper with harmonic power to store time, sell time, eat time, and give time away: A being of No Time and Every Time. A Steward who defends the Space Between. A place to honor wishes or fears at the altar of Instruments of Creation and Instruments of Destruction. A Reflecting Pool to show you Your True Self.  A Coyote woman who eats secrets.

Welcome to The Night Carnival, arriving on September 16th from the Floating City. After the Carnival, you are welcome to join us at Riverwest Public House for a fantasy burlesque show, hosted by our local artisans.

This Carnival is free to attend. Vendors will donate 20% of sales to the Milwaukee IWW General Defense Committee.

The Night Carnival
September 16th
Garden Park (Adjacent to Riverwest Public House)
Free to Attend

A Fantastical Burlesque Extravaganza for Rogues and Time Travelers
September 16th
Bombastic Dance Party to follow
Admission: $10

Welcome to the Night Carnival!



Carnival 2017-3
Photo by Karen Rettig
Photo by Justin Thom
Photo by Justin Thom
Photo by Justin Thom
Photo by Justin Thom


Portraits of Night Carnival Characters

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Nina Maybe

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Audrey Moore

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Nina Maybe

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Knight Quinn

Lilo the Poet

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Amil Larrieux the Healer

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Erin Burgess

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Mistress of Times

Kenzie Rose

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