Vendors: Night Carnival 2018

Intuitive Insights Tarot
Tooth and talon
Flower Crowns Etcetera
Rose Montclaire Jewelry
Philtre – Perfumery and Potions
Silver Wheel
Papyrus & Charms
Amil Larrieux the Healer
Prophetic Prints
Sisters of the Eclipse
Lady Purl Designs
Clipped Arts
UberDork Designs
Hundred Grasses – Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
Body Buzz Hemp Honey
Two is For Mirth
Lauryl Sulfate’s Useful Shop
Dough Much Better

Local Presses & Authors Featured in the Lyceum
Vegetarian Alcoholic Press
Burdock Press
Rust Magazine
Camille Inkwell
Mikey Cody Apollo
Destinny “Deolinda Abstrac” Fletcher
Most Pulp Press
pitymilk press
& more

Interactive Adventures:
Sisters of the Eclipse
Alter of the Instruments of Creation and the Instruments of Destruction
The Reflecting Pool
The Gatekeeper
Live Painting by Brian Nau
Parlour of Games & Discipline
The Holy Fool
Parlour of Manifestation

Food By: Sushi Go
Beer Garden By: Riverwest Public House Cooperative

Photography & Videography by:
Cory Taylor
Medical Eye
Ryan Dewerth

Proceeds Benefit: 
Industrial Workers of the World